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I've had tooth/jaw-ache for almost a week (oddly, it started after talking to Paul about some dental stuff he's having done) and it seems to be caused by one of my wisdom teeth coming through. I don't remember the other two that have come out so far being as painful as this, but then again the pain isn't bad enough that it's going to stick in my memory forever, it's just bloody annoying. It's now got bad enough to stop me dropping off to sleep, and it's making me sleep lighter, which isn't helping me rest.

After a long phone call last night the ache was much worse, which got me thinking... presumably working the jaw by eating and talking shifts things around in your gums somewhat, but does it also help with teeth that are trying to surface? As a wild guess you would have thought your body would use something regular like eating as a mechanism that would help the tooth move in to place, as it's a re-use of a standard function that it will have to do anyway, therefore less growing-new-stuff (i.e. muscles) would be needed. Hmm, I'm not interested enough to dig around and see if anyone's investigated that or whether it's complete rubbish, I'd just like the ache to go away.

PHP object oriented programming book

An unexpected delivery arrived this morning, happily it was Matt's new PHP book on doing object oriented programming in PHP 5.

I like what I've heard about object oriented programming at the Farm (where it gets talked about a lot, what with Matt, Tolan, Alex, Crosbie and all the Java programmers liking it) and I've read a bit about it in Matt's previous book but I'm looking forward to going through the practical examples in 'Objects, Patterns, and Practise.' I much prefer good examples rather than trying to learn the theory and getting bogged down on how to actually apply it.

Way to check if nofollow link is being used

Google has started recognising a new attribute on links to stop it transferring any Page Rank through a link (more about why and how.)

With help from Google Blogoscoped user stylesheet and a good knowledge of web standards Andy Budd has been good enough to create a Javascriptlet / bookmarklet from it.

I'll update this when Andy has it on his site, but you can also find it here: An easy way to check for rel=nofollow on links

CSS problems

I'm doing a CSS conversion of someone's designs for the update to a client's website.

There are two people who have or do work for Microsoft I am thinking about right now.

The first one is the person who decided it was a good idea to ignore the standards laid down for CSS.

The second one is the person who decided not to update Internet Explorer after version 6 so it could fit in with standards in CSS.

Both of these people deserve to be dragged in to the street, beaten, then shot.

Good luck Tristan

My friend Tristan has taken the leap to freelance, so...

Good luck Tristan!

Buying Contribute is a real trial

I'm trying to buy Macromedia Contribute on-line at the moment as one of my clients uses it and my trial version has run out. Macromedia have made their shop amazingly annoying. It's rather slow, which is the first annoyance. Every time I change page while I hunt around for the best deal it seems to add the product to my shopping basket again, which is more annoying. They won't let me buy it in dollars rather than Sterling, which is going to cost me an extra £20 at current exchange rates, even though they're not actually going to send me anything physically.

(Pause while I re-start everything from scratch.) And now the UK store can't process my credit card, even though I've tried three ways of putting my name in.

In fact, bollocks to it. I'll dig out my old PC and install the trial version on it. If Macromedia can't code their site properly, I can't be bothered to buy their software through it. I'm sure Amazon will be able to ship it to me without problems, I just need to do the work with it today so I need the trial version again.

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