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Making hay while the sun shines

Mucho breako and mucho linkage

A long break in posting, probably to be followed by another one.

I moved a couple of weekends ago, big thanks to Katie, Alex, Paul & Nic, Nathan and Richard for helping. I'm still unpacking, and have large problems with space, all revolving around me having too much stuff to fit in to my new flat/mini-house. However, soon I should be moving my work stuff in to some office space so that should relieve some of the problems.

I have a new / extra blog, covering the various Google Mini development I'm doing at the moment, and there's a mix of Google Search Appliance-related stuff in there as well.

David's passed his Google Adwords Professional exam, which is very cool and means I need to update our site.

I've got a mad amount of work on at the moment, hence lack of updates, and it looks like it's going to be manic for a while as project overlap. Various new freelancers have joined the Farm, so I could outsource some stuff, but mainly it's not work I can do that with. Still, I'm fed up of whinging, so will try not to moan about that too much.

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