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Digg removal

Minor change to my links, I've dropped my link to Digg. The site is OK, but as it's become more popular it's turned from interesting in to more a collection of people's blog posts, and far too many sites for ripped off books (it could be I just remember these rather than them coming up a lot.)

I feel that part of the current problem is also down to the online marketing industry catching on that getting on the home page of Digg is a great way to get a load of traffic and links. Also 'Digg This' links that are popping up on blog posts, making it in a way too easy to post to it.

I may be looking to Digg for the wrong sort of thing. I like my 'add to del.icio.us' bookmarklets, I just wasn't looking to Digg as a website suggester, I thought it was a bit more interesting than that. Even looking at the sub-category pages isn't particularly interesting at the moment.

While I like the fast voting structure of Digg and the fluidity of stories, as compared say to Slashdot, where they have editors deciding which stories go on the site, it is open to a touch more abuse / stupidity of crowds than having editors. At the moment I'm still reading Digg occasionally, but I'm not using it as much as I was and I'm not finding it as useful, so off the link goes.

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