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Making hay while the sun shines

New Ruby on Rails freelancer

Paul has gone properly freelance again, so if you want a Ruby on Rails freelancer or good systems guy, go and look him up. (He also has a Farm profile which I need to hassle him to update.)

One of the things that makes the Farm worthwhile

I've been organising the freelancers network The Farm for just over three years now, and it's been going for about four. Last week I was reminded of one of the reasons it's worth running.

Watching (and trying to keep up with) Nick, Tolan, Danny and Jamie talk object oriented programming, with interjections by Paul, was very cool - bringing together a load of people who can baffle me with something is very neat, and it keeps me on my toes by reminding me just how much I've still got to learn.

As usual, I compiled a list of what was talked about but it doesn't do the actual conversations justice.

Brighton Blogger search

You can now search Brighton Bloggers' blogs thanks to Jane and Google Co-op, and a little help / "Hey, this is really easy to do!" from me.

Hopefully at some point there'll be an API for Co-op, so we can integrate the results in to p2b's results.

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