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Setting up printing via Draytek 2600 router in OSX

In the office we have a Draytek 2600 router, and Nathan's just bought a Samsung laser printer for us to use (incredibly cheap - under £60 including VAT, and it's come from around the world!) The Draytek 2600 lets you plug a USB printer in and use it over the network - very handy.

If you're trying to connect a Mac OSX machine to your printer, first install the printer drivers from the manufacturer (you might have to go to their website, they don't always come on the CD with the printer.) Then read the OSX LPR printing setup page on the Draytek support website.

They're not completely clear about how you get to the first screenshot - you go to Apple -> System Preferences -> Print & Fax -> Click the little '+' below the list of printers (if you have any installed.) Then click 'IP Printer' and you'll be where the screenshots on that page start.

(For the Windows world, follow this page for Windows 2000 and XP)

[Update:] We've had a problem: when the printer is turned off, then back on again, the router doesn't recognise that it's there, so we can't print to it (Mac or PC.) The fix seems to be to turn the printer on, let it run through start up, then unplug and re-plug in the USB cable. Not perfect, but it beats running an extended USB cable across the office, which is what I was doing to avoid rebooting the router all the time.

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