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Microsoft Maps of Brighton

While Google Maps tend to get the publicity, Microsoft have a very good set of maps, and their detail level in Brighton is much better than Google's. For instance, here's a picture of my car parked in Hanover - it's the little yellow one in the middle of the picture. Brighton's a lovely place and there are much better things to see if you pan about a bit. It works best if you have a fast computer, but is pretty reasonable on slower machines.

I'm interested in what you can do when you can geolocate / tag items on the maps - it would be good to click on a building and see things like events there, links to pictures of previous events, and/or history on the building. Plenty of community-driven stuff to be done there.

Thailand photos

Heart bell at Doi Suthep
Originally uploaded by pauls.
I went to Thailand recently with Katie, my girlfriend. We stayed in Chiang Mai, the second biggest city in Thailand in the north of the country. Some of my pictures are up on Flickr

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