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"OpenCoffee" = open bugger all more like

I went to the newly restarted 'OpenCoffee' meet this morning, as advertised on Upcoming. Got there at 10am, couldn't recognise anyone although the last one that was held did have a different crowd from normal.

When I got bored of sitting around I gave Dave a shout as I'd seen he'd registered on Upcoming for the meet. He and Josh turned up and showed me some of the stuff they've been working on recently, which was useful. I was there until about twenty to twelve and no sign of Ivan, who was supposed to be running the event.

So, all in all a washout, apart from having a chat to Dave and Josh, who I know anyway.

Two rules for running networking events:

1. Have something with you so people can spot you (i.e. a sign, relevant book, or distinctive t-shirt as Matt uses.)

2. Turn up (this doesn't really matter if no one realises you're there as lots of people won't ask around after you if they can't spot the person/group.)

It doesn't hurt to publicise it widely, invite interesting people you all ready know, and generally try to get people to come along, but I'd have said they are the two golden rules. If you can't be bothered to turn up to your own networking event, I don't know why I should be either.

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