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Yuzoz in the news

Congratulations to Yuzoz for getting coverage in The Register. Yuzoz are half based in Brighton and I met a couple of their staff at a coffee meet a few months ago, and they were nice enough to come to the Farm the week after. I found the badge they gave me last week while I was emptying out my bag for Paris.

Their space-based random number generation seems a bit pointless at first, until you think about where truly random numbers are needed - gambling and cryptography - both areas which have money for proper randomness. Their on-site uses and widgets show a keen sense of fun to have while publicising the numbers as well, which is refreshing.

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Courier CSS resizing problems

A site I'm building for a client uses Courier for it's main font. I was trying to re-size it down enough to fit in to his navigation properly, and it wouldn't shrink down enough. This seems to be something inherent in the font. If you're trying to re-size Courier in CSS, change to Courier New instead - that can re-size down.

I presume this is something to do with Courier New being made for scaling or a True Type font or something, but I don't have time to investigate as I should have left the office all ready. I left this more as a note for people having trouble like I was earlier today.

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