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dConstruct Goodness

I'm very late talking about it, but I enjoyed dConstruct again this year. The talks, centered around user experience this year, were good, although personally I'd have liked to see some more examples of how an actual experience review and changes take place.

I missed Cameron Moll's talk as I was still eating - the food in E-Kagen is excellent, but the conference completely swamped them on a Friday lunch time and they only had one chef on. Apparently they're going to be podcast, which will be great. Indeed, between an MP3 of the talk and the photos on Flickr, I might be able to work out an animation of the whole talk :-)

I found Martin Webb's talk a bit confusing as it was rather hap hazard, in a way showing a negative user experience whilst talking about user experience, so maybe it was all planned that way. Personal best talks were Jared Spool doing the introduction talk, and Tom Coates rounding off the day.

After the main conference was... the after party! Held at Audio, this was a great way to mix with fellow attendees. I met Paul and Cole from the WorkAlone UK list, both down from Edinburgh for the event and the first people I've met from the list. All I can say is, if everyone's as nice as they were it's a very nice list indeed.

It was a relatively early night for me as we had BarCamp starting the next day. It was a good day, and fingers crossed it's as good as usual next year.

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