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Making hay while the sun shines

For no particular reason other than to show my neat Konfabulator apps to friends, I have made a screen shot of my desktop at home (which is significantly neater than my flat.)

Konfabulator is a javascript runtime engine for Mac OS X, the upshot of which means it's very easy to write little apps for, many of which access the web for you. On my desktop you can see on the left a little app showing pictures off my hard drive, currently showing the bloggers favourite - some cats (Olga & TC, my parents cats); below this is the weather report for where I live, and below that a little search widget that lets me run searches on various sources, currently set to Google. All very nifty, and all of it and more would be available for the PC or Mac as separate little programs. But the neat thing is these are all run through Konfabulator, they are all very small, and they look lovely - they don't all have to be in little rectangular boxes and they can fade in and out as much as you want. This is because Konfabulator takes advantage of the Quartz rendering in OS X, and they make it easy for everyone else to use. The only thing I have to watch out for is not going widget crazy.

Also on the desktop - the wallpaper is drawn by Fred Gallagher of the beautiful webcomic Metatokyo and coloured by Kristen Perry. Both Fred and Kristen have more talent than you can shake a stick at (even a very bendy one) so it's worth checking out their sites if you're in to cartoon art.

Oh yeah, and no more oil leaks so far from my Beetle. I'll have to give it a run this weekend to see if the fix has worked.

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