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I've been recommending the Manta DB Web Page Indexer to David over IM. It plugs in to Internet Explorer and indexes everything you look at, you can then search on the pages you've looked at for information you forgot to bookmark. I've used it for about two, two-and-a-half years now and it's had very few problems. It optimises it's indexes so they don't get too big, and can automatically make a series of them so you can delete old ones if you feel you don't need them any more.

MantaDB also has some other useful utilities, like a colour-stripping button that reduces pages to black text on a white background, which can be great when you don't agree with a page author's idea of what represents a readable page. It's a shame it doesn't work on the Mac, and that there doesn't seem to be a Mozilla/Firebird version in the works, I find it very handy.
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