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Making hay while the sun shines

Yesterday I nipped over to help my mum take things to the dump, this wouldn't really rate a mention except it was a lovely morning, a slight chill in the area that doesn't bode well for summer, but served as an excellent natural supercharger for the car, meaning I could get up to a whole 70 mph. In danger of breaking the speed limit on the A27? Whatever next!

In the afternoon I met up with a couple of friends to see Cowboy Bebop at the Duke of York's cinema in Brighton. It's an anime film, which means it's a big long cartoon made in Japan, and is aimed more at adults than children. It was great to see an anime film in a cinema, everything else I've seen has been on video. Bebop was pretty good, but I preferred Ghost in the Shell and Akira. There didn't seem much of Bebop that couldn't have been done in a live-action movie, especially in these days of Matrix-level special effects. Then again, given the cost of Matrix-level sfx, maybe it's cheaper to have lots of people drawing. They're showing Spirited Away, a Disney-made anime-style film soon

The evening continued with beer, and ended with a very drunk conversation where I suggested banning cigarettes was a good idea, and everyone else explained why it wasn't going to happen. When I'm tired my ideas tend to get more extreme, and I at least tried to get them to agree that we could stop cigarettes being shown in TV and films being made from now on. Although this would make shows like Eastenders unrealistic, I'd claim they are already very unrealistic, just look at the number of black people that aren't around in Albert Square. Anyway, everything ended very unresolved, which is about right for the type of conversation it was, and having to get trains cut in to make sure we stopped whittering on about it.
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