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Making hay while the sun shines

Discover have an article called 'Anything into oil' which goes through a process the company Changing World Technologies has to turn practically anything in to its constituent parts of oils, carbon and a few chemicals.

Now, if what the article states is true, and it really does work, and creates more useful chemicals than it takes to power the machinery, then this is one of the biggest things to happen in engineering and applied chemistry for years, decades even. Here's a process that can take the by-products and waste from huge numbers of industries, and our personal waste, and convert it in to gas, oil and carbon, all re-useable in other industries. It can even take coal and refine it, taking out chemicals like sulphur, which means when it burns more efficiently, and the sulphur can be used elsewhere and not released in to our atmosphere.

This is fantastic, this is alchemy. It knocks a power station burning the waste from macadamia nuts in to a cocked hat, even though that's a great idea too. If Changing Worlds Tech can make this happen, they deserve all the masses of money I'm sure they'll make. They're about to take landfill and make it useful, let us get rid of the European old fridge mountain that's building up, take almost anything except toxic waste and recycle it back in to use. About the only people who're going to do badly out of this are future archaeologists who will wonder where society went when these things get rolled out and landfill starts disappearing.

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