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Making hay while the sun shines

I went up to London yesterday with a mate to get some culture. We went to the Design Museum and Tate Britain (that's the older Tate with the proper art in ;-))

The Design Museum is quite small and has currently has a display of chairs in it, among other things, oh and what I can only think of as the next big thing for bloggers:

Keyboard with bowl in the middle

The blogger keyboard - eat while you blog, eat what you blog, blog what you eat!

Tate Britain has some amazing art, including a lot of works by Turner, who visited Brighton a lot and did what he did there - paint. It was interesting to see how Brighton has grown in the last couple of hundred years (we've lots a Pier, gained two more and now lost one, or at least made it a more interesting sculpture.) It's surprising how much of the coastline is still recognisable, they were building some of the nicer hotels and houses on the coast while he was visiting.

Met up with a friend who works for the Conservative party after the culture bit and we went drinking. Obvious questions asked include: "What the heck's your party doing at the moment, what with Labour messing it up so much?" He wanted to know as well, so we moved on to other things.
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