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Making hay while the sun shines

I've put a new idea in my archive: Neo-natal / Post-Natal Stimulation of Working Dogs, it's an idea on how to stimulate dogs that are bred for working roles early in their development in the hope that it increases their mental facilities. If not it may at least help make them able to cope with the different stimulation they get in their working lives.

Further printing hassles, but not computer related this time...

Installed the HP Deskjet 640C printer on to my Mac - no problems this time, just needed to plug the USB lead in, install driver from the HP site and add it to the list of printers. Only problem is my colour cartridge has run out. I'm trying to print a map and the cartridge in the laser is very low as well, looks like the inkjet'll get fed first as it's a lot cheaper. I'm only trying to print a bloomin' map out.
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