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Making hay while the sun shines

A highly busy week, considering I wasn't at work for most of it.

On Monday I went for a meeting with one of my old directors about doing work for his website as a freelancer. He has about a months work to do, spread across several different sub-projects. I was also been organising a website for a potential client, trying to firm up some skills I've got. Tuesday was more of the same, with a meeting with a couple of friends about a business we're starting.

Wednesday was another meeting with my old employers and agreement on two days work - Friday and Monday. And in the evening was a Brighton Farm meeting, which David came to, discussing an Ecademy meet up in Brighton, to supplement the one in Lewes.

Thursday was a break - going with my dad to the Goldsmiths' Hall in London for the annual Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths reception for the Freemen of the Company, which dad belongs to curtsey of a five year apprenticeship, passing their quality of work tests, then many years in the jewellery trade. Before the reception we walked around the part of London he used to work in, and met two of the chaps he used to work with, one of which still owns his old Lotus Cortina.

The Goldsmiths' Hall is extraordinary. Hugely tall, intricately carved ceiling, gold leaf everywhere, portraits on the wall, extremely fine, beautiful cups and goblets at the end. I was glad I wore my suit! Seems the least I could do.

Ah yes, and I've set out a few of the things I've done as the start of a CV, or at least somewhere I can point people who might be interested in hiring me.
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