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Making hay while the sun shines

It's a busy week. Film last weekend (Once upon a time in Mexico - fun, could have been better, but much better than Desperado by having the plot spread through the film rather than in a lump at the end.) Pub quiz on Monday, missing half the team, came 10th of 14 after a peak of 7th. Ecademy in Lewes on Tuesday, Farm yesterday. Networking is good, but tiring! At least at the Farm we went to the Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Street, which is a lot closer to home than Hove, so I got back before midnight even though we got chucked out with the rest of the laggards at closing time.

Currently, I'm having MySQL problems. I didn't think I was doing very complex things in MS SQL, which I usually use, but it turns out the MAX(distinct ... ) stuff I've been using a lot isn't supported. Damn. Now I'm going to have to write lots more PHP and MySQL to do the selects I want to. MySQL's a fine little database for a lot of tasks, but limitations on simple things becomes really annoying when you're trying to do anything slightly difficult.

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