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Making hay while the sun shines

I've updated my VW pages with some adverts, via the Amazon Associates program. I've tried to pick a range of books that I've either read or have been recommended to me.

I'd rather have left the pages without advertising, but I could do with the money at the moment and as my Beetle with with the garage so they can look at the rust, I could do with anything I can get to help out. Both the oil change and axle greasing articles are getting some good hits, so I'm trying to get around to writing some more.

On other related news, last Saturday it was the latest 'Brighton Breeze' London to Brighton VW run, organised by the Split Screen Van Club. I had a bit of a nightmare Saturday and was glad to get down among all the gleaming paintwork. The nice thing about the Breeze is you get a lot of ordinary, but individualistic VWs turn up, so you can see cars that may not be show standard, but are interesting nonetheless. Pictures up soon.
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