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Lewes procession / fireworks 2003

Were excellent as ever. The procession was good, but we seemed to stand where lots of people's torches were running out, and they put them in the gutter when this happens. For a while we had our own little bonfire at the side of the road which started belching acrid smoke once they went from flames to smouldering. All part of the authentic experience!

As usual the fireworks were marvellous. We went to the Waterloo display, which is free but still extraordinary. The only problem with the fireworks displays at Lewes is they spoil all other ones once you've seen them. It's not just that you see one very high quality display, it's that you can see several going on at once around the village.

Two fireworks over Lewes

The only bad part of the day was trying to get out of town. I've had problems getting back on the train in previous years so promised myself I'd go over by car, and gave my mate Robert a lift. We got back to my mate Alex's house and the car at 11.15, drove around the corner, then waiting for another 45 minutes for the roads to be re-opened at midnight. Damn! We watched the end of another display across town while we waited, so it wasn't too bad. The next day I heard people had no problems getting home on the train from the displays that finished early. Arses!
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