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I'm now second on Google for 'Paul Silver.' Woo! Having some people linking to my site with my name as the text in the link is a great help, but adding a quick page about myself has definitely helped, it's bumped me up higher than one of my compatriots who's in a sailing club that I was below a couple of weeks back.

Normally, I wouldn't care where I am ranked for my name in Google, but as I'm doing more SEO now it is a bit silly not to get a good ranking, as it's the obvious thing people look up about you. I don't think I'll knock the chap at the top off, as he's got the .com domain name of our shared name, and a large number of links to it from relevant places as he has a well established photography business. I think he's a fine PS to be at the top, I just wanted to be a little higher than the Paul Silvers who just happened to be on a page about something they are interested in.
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