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Went to a good Skillswap yesterday on Information Architecture (IA.)

It turns out I knew more about IA than I thought, as it has large overlaps with the processes you go through creating a website, and a lot in common with usability. I have a first edition of the O'Reilly Information Architecture for the World Wide Web book and the talk has taken my interest enough to stick it at the top of the stack of professional books I'm working through at the moment.

Skillswap is a very useful event. Andy Budd organises a speaker for a small group of interested locals, mainly from the new media industry. There have been talks on Cascading Style Sheets, Search Engine Optimisation, Object Oriented PHP and now IA. It's all free, which is fantastic, and hosted by the BBC CSV Media Clubhouse, just down from Brighton Station. A big cheers to Andy and the people behind the CSV for putting the events on, and if you're interested in doing something similar in your own area, have a look at the Skillswap website and contact Andy about how he does it.
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