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Beetle garage

My poor, mildly decrepit Beetle has gone in to the garage to have a hole under the battery repaired, which involves replacing several panels around it which are tea-bag like due to rust. This I could have done without paying for, having been made redundant / started freelancing, but I'm looking forward to having it back to fullish health and being able to barrel around country roads again without having to worry about the rust causing problems and something coming apart.

The garage I take it to and get bits for it from, Volkswagen Warehouse (AKA Beetlewerks) in Lancing are very good, being VW specialists, and are unfortunately about to move as the council is going to knock down the light industrial units they use as their warehouse and garage to replace them with low-cost housing. This is a real shame as they have to find new premises, I just hope they're as easy to get to as their current place.

They've been there for as long as I've been able to buy silly-shaped cars, and took my knackered Golf off me years ago, so for me it's a little bit of history disappearing from the village where I did a lot of my growing up. They helped with my Karmann Ghia, and were brutally honest about repair costs when it needed a lot of work (to the benefit of Joe, the chap who bought it off me as I couldn't afford to fix it,) they've done various work on my Beetle and given me other advice and help. I hope it doesn't take them too long to find somewhere else to set up.
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