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Extra car woes

As well as my Beetle needing part of the underneath welding, while I was driving home the other night the red light, which shows whether the battery is charging or not, wouldn't quite go out. I had a poke about in the wiring, but nothing seemed to be loose. Then I noticed there was a small noise coming from the back, like a shorting connection. It looks like the generator brushes have worn down, and from what I can find from Google about fixing it, then it sounds very fixible, but quite a hassle. All I need to do is find a good guide on how to do it, so it looks like another look through the bible.

While I was poking around in the engine bay I thought I'd check the oil, and I found some white gunk inside the filler cap. This is the dreaded water-getting-in-to-oil scenario, which is annoying as I only did an oil change during the summer and everything's been fine when I've checked it since. So I need to do an oil change, which isn't too tricky (guide here) but I need to find out whether a seal somewhere has gone which is causing the problem, which is a lot harder.

Bah, all the problems with the car seem to be happening at once!
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