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My friend Phil turned 30 on Sunday, and I went over to Portsmouth to celebrate with him. Very enjoyable, met some of his friends and our mutual ones, and his girlfriend Rachel. He seemed to enjoy the pipe and slippers I gave him, though Kochik (no doubt spelt entirely differently) was a true natural with the pipe, to a quite disturbing extent.

Also disturbing, I found half of Phil's friends think I'm called Geoff (he decided with a G rather than a J, which I'd have preferred, but it does bring to mind Jeffery archer, so a G is better.) The reasons behind my Geoff-ness may be university-based, but I'm not sure even Phil is quite sure where it's come from, though he claims it was after my complaint that his dad forgot my name and called me something completely different later in the day. Phil assures me it was 'Geoff', but I think this might be his mind playing tricks on him, or me.

I'd forgotten that when we were in Brazil last year, Phil and I went to (well, sort of gatecrashed) to a ten-pin bowling evening with the people my mate Robert worked with. On the display board that kept track of whose turn it was to bowl and the score Phil filled in my name as Geoff, causing various amounts of confusion with the other bowlers, many of which were thoroughly confused by British humour.
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