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Thank Blair advert

I've just noticed my blog seems to have picked up an advert for: 'Say Thanks to Tony Blair. Send a thank you message to Tony Blair for supporting the US in Iraq' which is presumably because of my earlier Saddam Hussein captured post.

Now, I think the reasons for Britain supporting the latest war in Iraq are complicated, and the public doesn't know about many of the negotiations which have gone on behind the scenes, but I was not happy about the way America started the war, or the way our leaders supported it. While Saddam is no longer in power, I think the way it was done could have been much better, even if it had taken slightly more time.

I wonder what keywords are triggering the advert? Presumably 'Blair', with perhaps 'Bush' as well, or 'weapons of mass destruction.' I wonder how many anti-Blair and Bush blogs are now showing the offer to thank a man they fundamentally disagree with. It makes the idea of placing political adverts quite tricky - are you really targeting the group of visitors who are going to want to see your advert? And will they follow it, just to post abuse?
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