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The website for my latest client: G2 Search Recruitment Consultancy, went on-line yesterday.

I did the back-end coding for the website, based largely on code for another website within the same group which I wrote two years ago, and have added a little to since.

Looking at the website, I realise that although it all works fine, I'm not happy with some of the usability of it. I really need to search out contracts where I have more say in the design side of the project. I know my own graphic design talents are not particularly strong, which is part of the reason I became a developer when I realised I wanted to stay in this wonderful world of web several years ago, but I do know about site construction and usability, and I keep getting involved with projects where this side of my knowledge is ignored, just because I can't make a website look pretty. Logically, these are two different areas of design, but getting through to clients that this is the case is something I am going to have to work on as I'm not doing it well enough at the moment, which means a client's website is potentially not all it could be.
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