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OS X uncompressing problems

I've got a file with a .ace extension. After a bit of digging around I found (or rather, re-found) The File Extension Source, which is great for looking up files that have a suffix that you don't know. The file is likely to be something compressed by WinAce and rather than getting my PC wound up I thought I'd try and find something to uncompress it for OS X.

Fortunately WinAce have an uncompressing program for Apples: unace 2.5 for OS X, available through their News page. It's a command line utility, but that's not really a problem, and it comes in a package so it should be easy to install. Unfortunately there's something wrong with the installation package which wants to put a file in /usr/local/bin, which OS X doesn't like. Normally, I'm asked for my password when software installs, but this doesn't happen with the package. Hopefully it's something easily fixed and I've used the contact form on the WinAce website to ask for some help about it.
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