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SpiderTest well received

My web page testing site has been well received on Ecademy, the usenet newsgroup alt.internet.search-engines and the few forums I've mentioned it on. I've had some good suggestions for enhancements, and as the errors that have been reported have all been due to people not reading their own code properly, I feel I can try and push it a little more now.

I really need to get a better usenet access than the NTL service I use at the moment - it will show me posts, but I can't send anything via Mozilla on my Mac. Free Agent on my PC can't even get access to the server. I'd be happy using Google Groups, but you have to give it a legitimate e-mail address to register, which it them puts on your posts, which get spidered by spammers, so you get more spam. Last time I posted there using a Hotmail account I started getting e-mailed viruses almost immediately, which continued for two weeks, filling up my account every night.

I managed to make the post to the search-engines group from my old office after I was there doing some freelance work, but now I can't easily reply to the responses to my message. Maybe I'll have to run the spam-gauntlet again, or sort out a disposable account I can use for a while.
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