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Tools and Beetle work

I've finally got around to buying myself a trolley jack, that's one of the big jacks on wheels for lifting my car up rather than relying on the little jack that comes with it. All I have to do now is find somewhere to put it.

Normally, I'd borrow my dad's jack if I needed to do a lot of work, or indeed do it at my parents house as I don't have a garage or driveway. But I need to fiddle with some small things and as my dad's one is falling apart it seemed time to get a new one.

I did a quick oil change today (no filter change, naughty) to try and get some fresh oil in that hasn't been contaminated by water. I'm still trying to track down where the water pollution has come from, it's not like it has any water cooling for it to leak from.

I was poking around looking for loose connections in the engine bay while the oil drained out and although I didn't find any, I did discover the air filter was low on oil and took the chance to top that up. As where I was parked was on a slight slope I had to guess the amount to put in a little. However, when I sort out the generator I'll have a chance to take off the air filter and replace the oil in it completely with some of the fresh stuff.
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