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Vans as storage space

Several people who live near me in Brighton own vans, including a chap who parks annoyingly close to my window so I don't get any daylight (cheers mate.) One of the guys tends to go back and forth from his van a lot, it's got an alarm which chirps off and on in a cheerful way like a mechanised terrier yipping to it's master. As he doesn't move the van very often, I've started wondering what he's using it for that needs visiting all the time.

Now, given how expensive housing is in Brighton, and how small a lot of the flats here are, I've started to think that maybe people are using these vans as an extra room. Perhaps he's keeping a small library in there, or hamsters, a larder, a sofa and television? Maybe he's nipping downstairs to get some cutlery for dinner. This will be the new way of gaining an extra room in a tiny flat - have one on wheels!

Heck, a transit van is bigger than some of the bedrooms I've seen in Brighton. At least you've got a chance of actually fitting a bed in one.

I can see the letting agents getting in on this: "A fine top floor, spacious studio in pastels with a 3x5 extension parked outside, in a fine white & chipboard combination." and "A two bedroom lower ground floor flat, with extra 3.5x6 room with the potential for sea views, and 12 months tax."

Hmm, I never seem to have enough space for my stuff. Perhaps it's time to look at a VW van to compliment my Beetle... "retro-chic 5x2.5 room in two-tone pastels, built in mid-60s. Slightly odd placement of certain amenities to rear."
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