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Last night's meeting of the 'cream of new media talent in Brighton' met at the Wetherspoons pub in Brighton. We chose it after Alex (B) suggested it last week for somewhere that has a non-smoking section.

I used to go in the Wetherspoons quite a lot as it has their trademark cheap but decent beer and food served well in to the evening. Unfortunately during the summer it seemed to get lots of groups of lads out getting bevvied up before clubbing / fights / both and as it doesn't have very good acoustics, when the pub is full of people you can't hear each other speak.

Anyway, Wednesday night is understandably quieter that Friday or Saturday and it was quiet a good venue, especially as there was a couple of groups of young women in wearing only their pyjamas or nightshirts. This made for a lot of distracted conversations, but in a completely agreeable way. Hopefully it'll turn out to be a Wednesday tradition.
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