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Oumou Sangare

Yesterday I went to see Oumou Sangare with David at the Brighton Dome.

I haven't heard a great deal of African music, and there's nothing like being introduced to it by a great group headed by a diva. The band played a mixture of African and standard Western instruments, including something that looked like a small banjo being played by a hacksaw, but sounds like a clarinet.

The support act were a fast replacement as the booked support couldn't get in to the country and I didn't catch their name. Two guys, two instruments and two voices managed to give a great set, even with the occasional sound problem. I actually found their section more accessible, when Oumou Sangare sings, nothing can compete with her voice, but I found it easier to get a handle on the music from the support act, just because there were less layers to deal with and it was all new to me.
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