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Leamington Spa day 3

Today I've finished speccing and tomorrow I should start building. Excellent. I'm feeling a bit better, potentially because of some Actimel bio-active stuff I got from Tesco before work which seems to have helped my stomach settle down. Now I have a sore throat, but hopefully that won't be as bad has my stomach has been for the last week.

I've discovered Leamington Spa has a cinema, so that might give me something to do for a few evenings over the weeks ahead. I had a wander around one of the nice parks nearby tonight before eating, but the groundsman wanted to shut it which cut things a little short. This turned out to be a good thing because I got to the restaurant before the rain started pouring down. This is a general problem with being in a quiet area - everything shuts down about the time I leave work. In a way this is giving me a greater appreciation of how spoilt I am for things to do in Brighton in the evening when I'm bored, and what I potentially don't take advantage of.
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