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Moving again

My landlord has decided to boot me out. This has happened everywhere I've lived in Brighton and Hove, although at least it's been almost two years this time, rather than five and six months, as it was for my two places in Hove.

Happily, a friend on the BNM list has a flat for rent coming up, which is a great relief. Trawling through agencies and around town with the usual missed appointments, waiting around, and parking costs isn't my favourite activity.

I'll be sad to leave Hanover, even though I'll only be up the road, and I'll lose the car park from near my flat and be back to fighting over a small number of spaces on the street. That said, the flat I've seen is very nice (or will be once the decoration is finished) and I'll know one set of neighbours when I first move in, which will make a nice change.
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