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I've been fiddling with Mambo Server today. It's an Open Source content management system which seems to be great for running websites through, and I have several recommendations for it, but it's a bit confusing to use at the moment. Plenty of document / tutorial reading to be fit in over the next few days, I think.

Along with learning a bit of Mambo, I had to learn how to use SSH to remote login to the server I'm using (provided by Paul's hosting service.) During this I found an OpenSSH tutorial handy, and a reminder of some Unix commands, along with some help for the ever-present Vi when editing configuration files.

OS X comes with OpenSSH all ready installed, so it's just a matter of opening terminal and typing 'ssh username@servername' to get going, but being faced with a command line 'shell' the other end brought back to me why it's nice to have graphical interfaces to everything, and install packages that just put everything where it wants to be. Still, with a bit of poking around and some pointers from Paul it wasn't too bad. The nice thing about Unix is the number of help files around for it!
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