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Trip back from L Spa

I got the train back from Leamington Spa last night. There's a Virgin train from Birmingham that goes all the way down to Brighton - lovely, I only need to get one train for the whole way back. Shame it was 25 minutes or so late, but the driver caught up with most of that in the 140 mile remainder of the trip.

I was so tired I could hardly read properly and spent half the trip listening to Bill Hicks 'Shock and Awe.' There's nothing like some condensed laughter and boiling anger to help a trip go quickly. With a second Bush in the US Presidency it's surprising how many of the jokes still work without remembering that they're about George Bush senior, and were told over ten years ago. Surprising, and a little depressing.

It was extremely nice to collapse in to my own, non-creaky, bed last night and get some solid sleep, making me feel a lot more human today. I'm hoping I might be able to ask for some work from home for part of my Leamington Spa contract, if things keep going well. I like working in the company offices, and there are nice people there, but the evenings and not getting proper sleep are a real drag. Hopefully we'll be able to come to some sort of agreement about it.

One thing I didn't expect about getting back was a difference in smell. Living here all the time I forget that Brighton smells like the sea, fresh air blowing in all of the time from the Channel. It was a pleasent little surprise and I'm looking forward to it again next time I come back.
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