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Leamington Spa week two

(From notes on the train journey home...)

My second week contracting in Royal Leamington Spa had it's good and bad parts. Early in the week I was very chipper, although still with a cold, then on Tuesday evening my mood switched around and I became very fed up with the area and the dull evenings.

I think part of this bad mood was brought on by the same problems I had the week before - lack of sleep, having little to do in the evening, but part of it was probably triggered by the knowledge that there was little chance of working from home next week, which I had pinned some of my enthusiasm on.

However, things picked up a little with the news that the project will probably finish a little early we're getting through the work quickly. This is both good and bad. Good because I want to get home to Brighton properly, not just at the weekend, but bad as it means less money. However, my employers like what I've been doing and there might be some more work in the offing, and even better I may be able to do it from home, which would be excellent.
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