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Mac Attack

The second week of my contracting was a very Maccy week, even though I left mine at home and have been using a PC at work.

One of the designers I've been working with is making the jump to freelancing and has bought himself a 17" Powerbook to work on. One of my friends has the same model, but I hadn't had a chance to see it up close without being in a stressful work-piling-in situation. it really is a very nice piece of kit - a truly excellent quality massive screen, unbelievably thin, and smooth as silk to use. Generalised jealousy ensues from from everyone who sees it.

Then on Thursday a dual processor G5 turned up to replace an ageing and sick G4 desktop for their main animator. One thing I didn't realise about these is how damned heavy they are, the poor chap could hardly lift it out of the box it came in.

All the brushed aluminium and lovely flatscreen is having it's affect on the office. Even Chris, a dyed-in-the-wool PC fan is considering getting one, and he has one less excuse not to now he knows ColdFusion runs on them as well as on PCs.
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