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Dial up settings

I have my laptop with me in Leamington Spa for the few days I'm here
this week. I did have my old Virgin
dial up settings programmed in to it for use with my Bluetooth
adaptor and mobile phone, but somewhere in the last few weeks with all
the messing around with my network settings, they've gone missing.

Fortunately, I had most of them in my Palm and remembered my password,
but it turns out Virgin have changed their SMTP server address since I
last checked, it's now smtp.virgin.net instead of mail.virgin.net.
Simple enough, but a bit confusing when it was refusing the messages
after I'd sorted the rest of the problems.

Hopefully this blog-update-by-e-mail will work OK, part of the new
changes by Blogger, which will make updating from my Palm much easier
(indeed, possible) for when I don't have my laptop with me.

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