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Making hay while the sun shines


Moving flat means moving launderette, although I rather liked the one I used to use, I'm not up to dragging my dirty washing across town to use it, at least not while I don't have my car :-)

The Seven Dials area in Brighton is heavily catered for in the laundry-washing area, with at least four launderette's that I've noticed (though none with internet connections that I've noticed.)

I ended up using one on Dyke Road that had an air of old future about it. This was the future as it was seen in the seventies: completely self-service machines and an anonymous locked doorway. No space for an attendant to serve from, although a seam along the extruded formica and chipboard block near one set of machines hints that it might fold open in to a counter.

The place is stuffy and post-apocalyptic feeling until someone else arrives, then it just feels standardly depressing. A place to go to get something done, robotically, by robot cleaning machines.

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