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Orkut annoyances

I've been fiddling with Orkut recently, partly to mention my Beetle fixing site and partly to ask advice about what to do with my car if I can't afford to get it fixed.

Orkut doesn't seem particularly busy, at least in the classic VW / ColdFusion areas I've been poking around in. I'm finding it a bit annoying as I tend to read a few things, put the window in the background and come back later to read or write some more. At the moment every time I go back it's been over half an hour and I have to re-login to the site. This is very annoying, especially as I've got the 'remember me' box selected on logging in.

Other networking sites, such as Ecademy, give you an option to be remembered when you log in and don't have an arbitrary limit as Orkut has. If you go back to the site after leaving it for half a day, you can just continue browsing where you left off. Networking site, business or social, are not sites sit and use constantly, they are ones you dip in and out of, and having to deal with a pair of login boxes every time I go back to a site isn't something that helps me feel it's friendly.

My previous impression of Orkut has been that it's a large forum site with some social networking code bolted on. That impression hasn't been changed, I just now think it's a slightly annoying large forum site with some networking code bolted on. Not the most positive review for a website I can think of.
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