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A whole 4 people have clicked on the Adsense adverts on my Reluctant Mechanic site, giving me 22cents of revenue. OK, I'll be able to cash that in about nine years from now, but hey, at least people are finding the adverts useful, which is pretty surprising considering half of them are for New Beetle stuff rather than the old ones that the site is about.

I'm also reminding myself that currently: the site has less than half the articles I have planned, looks godawful, and isn't on it's final rank in the search engines yet as it's so new.

I've decided to ban a company that keeps coming up on the home page selling a 'hair growth enhancer' as it has nothing to do with cars or mechanicking. I thought I had something on the page that was triggering the adverts, like 'tearing my hair out', which I'm sure is on the site somewhere. But I can't see what's triggering it so I'm guessing they're just targetting something very generic. The good thing about Adsense is it's very easy to kick off adverts that aren't anything to do with your site, now I've tweaked a setting they should be gone in a few hours.
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