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The adverts on my VW bug fixing site have earnt me a grand $2.39 so far, which is £1.30 in a more relevant currency, which is more than enough to buy me a half pint of beer, but not enough to buy a packet of peanuts to go with it.

I think this is quite surprising. The site is new, I'm not getting great rankings for some of the articles yet, and I'm surprised people are clicking on them at all, to be honest. I'm trying to write more pages for my SF book reviews site, but I can't set up some decent links to that yet because my FTP access to my personal site is down at the moment, so I've got partially duplicate content across the sites, which is not a good thing - Google may ignore the duplicate pages on my review site because it all ready has them in it's index, and it may badly affect the ranking of the whole site until I can remove the original copies.

The welding on my Beetle's underside is finally about to start. Hopefully one of my outstanding invoices will get paid before I have to pay the welder, otherwise my bank manager is going to be very happy. I'll be very glad to get my car back. I'm missing being able to get out of town and hack it around the mid-Sussex countryside. I'm missing the freedom of being able to visit my friends and family easily and hell, I'm even missing the car's silly yellow colour.

Getting the Beetle back will also mean I can take some more photos to go with articles I have planned, so I'll be able to expand my mechanic site with some decent new content. Hopefully this'll bring in some more people to click on my adverts, at the current rate it'll pay for the welding to my Beetle in about sixty years, and to be honest I'm hoping it'll be a bit quicker than that.
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