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I get good chunk of my work from referrals. Getting referrals involves people knowing what you do, and that involves meeting people and tellin' them what you do.

So... Tuesday night was a marketing panel / networking at Piccolos in Brighton organised by the Ecademy South Downs Ecademist Club. This was very good, both on the marketing advice front, and on being able to talk to people over some food.

Wednesday was the Farm and although people were thin on the ground I got to catch up with Nathan (who I'm doing some work with) and Paul (who provides hosting par excellance.) Sevan made a welcome return near the end of the evening once he finally finished work.

Thursday brings a Wired Sussex networking event at Koba, a fancy bar on the edges of Brighton and Hove. It was the first Wired Sussex networking I've managed to get to - I always seem to have a clash on Thursdays - and it was well worth getting down to.

I really need to print some new business cards. My cards are very naff at the moment as I have two different sets coming for the two businesses I'm involved with starting. Both are nice cards, but neither have arrived yet, and I could really do with something that looks better than my current large-Arial font black-on-white card that I produce with my inkjet. Still, at least it says what I do on it, which is better than some of the ones I've collected over the last week. I think this is something that comes after you've done networking for a while: when you look through a stack of cards there is no way of remembering what people do if it isn't printed on the card, you really need it on there and if it doesn't fit the design, get the design changed, don't compromise getting some new business.
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