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Leamington Spa Survival Kit

I'm off to Leamington Spa again next week to do some more ColdFusion work. Having unpacked all my stuff a few weeks ago when I last finished, I have to find all the parts of my Leamington Spa Survival Kit...

  • Books, to fill the time in Leamington's exciting evenings. This time the selection will be 'Love All The People. Letters, Lyrics, Routines' by Bill Hicks; probably one of the Harry Potter books, and the latest Wired magazine. That gives me a complete range of cynicism, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide whether Harry Potter or Wired has a shiniest outlook on life.

  • Notebook, of the paper variety, so I can keep track of when my train out-of-town was supposed to arrive.

  • MP3-friendly CD player, so I can take lots of tunes without lots of discs.

  • Chargers for gadgets. Must remember to charge my Palm before I leave so it doesn't go flat and I don't need to take it's charger with me.

  • Earplugs, in case I get a room near the road again (or the Lionel Richie live CD breaks out again.)

Generally, I can amuse myself for hours (keep those rude remarks to yourself.) But after the four and a half hour journey up there, then the first could of nights with nothing to do, even my high-boredom threashhold gets stretched. Hopefully they'll have finished rebuilding the cinema and have more screens open. Everything on at the moment must be better than what I last saw in Leam: Van Helsing.
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