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Hanover Day 2004

It was festival day in the Hanover area of Brighton today (here's what I said about it last year)

Today's festivities were a bit caught out by some showers, and it was a grey day generally. Still, it was a nice little mixture of street market and traditional English village fayre fair.

I have some pictures, and once some write permission problems are sorted with the host of my personal site I'll put them up.

I liked the difference between this week and last week. Last week was the Pride march celebrating 'diversity', which generally translates in this context to 'flamboyant gay people dressing up for hoots.' This week was an on-street jumble sale with extras straight from a village festival, e.g. morris dancing and sword fighting demonstrations. It felt just like a village fete, just in a couple of roads rather than the local park / church hall. Everyone was very relaxed, it was a touch soggy, and not as busy as last year. A nice day generally.
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