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Installing Windows 98

My mum dropped off her laptop to me today for backing up and re-installing. It's an old no-name thing which is probably a re-badged, or rather no-badged, Toshiba or something under the shell. It's had the same installation of Windows 98 since she bought it, four or five years ago, and while it's lasted well, the install/uninstall of various applications has finally got too much for it and it needs backing up and re-installing.

I'd forgotten how frustrating a Windows 98 install is. As far as I can see this is mainly caused by it installing the CD drive after it's tried to install lots of other drivers, which is needs the CD drive working to be able to get from the Windows CD in the CD drive.

I got my first blue-screen major error warning within a minute of having Windows 98 running. I can see this is going to be a lovely task.

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