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Stress = tiredness, tiredness = stress

I still haven't managed to have a break. The bank still hasn't managed to clear payment from my late paying client in to my business account, which means I have something else to chase along with all the work I'm trying to get through at the moment. I'm feeling a lot of stress from one of the businesses I'm helping start, and my bloody car still isn't fixed.

All in, this means I'm now trapped in to a feedback loop of stress and tiredness, with each adding to the other.

What I should do is go away for a bit, but in the classic freelancers dilemma, I have about three sets of clients potentially about to want work started. In fact, some of it should have started all ready, but the designs are late. Also, I need to get another quote finished (one sent this week, two more in the works, but fortunately David is handling writing them with some input from me, as they're for our joint venture.)

Once I know about some of the bits of work I must book a trip for when they're over. I have a standing invite from one of my friends in Brussels (if his company holds out long enough for me to visit him) and indeed I could always nip over to Canada to see my friends there. I like being able to visit friends when I'm going away as I find it a lot easier to relax that way.

Mental note: don't book going away on the same weekend as the London to Brighton Volkswagen run, as you have two other years.

One bit of good news: Southern Water sent me an 'assessed' bill which means even though they're not going to put a water meter in, they're not going to charge me the huge amount they were going to and have knocked it down to what they expect a one bedroom flat to use. This has knocked almost a hundred quid off the bill, which is good.
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