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PC Blues

My little Mega PC 651 box built by Scan has broken down. This is rather irritating as I have a load of coding to do which would be easier on my PC than on my Mac, partly because it's both PHP and ColdFusion coding and even though my iBook can do it, running JRun and ColdFusion, Apache, web browser (x4 windows or so), PHP, editor, does tend to stress it a bit.

The PC is one of the small-case ones, which is great when it's working as it's neat, doesn't take up much space, and hell, looks pretty good too. Not so good when it goes wrong as you have to take so many bits out to do anything. I'm pretty sure the power supply has gone wrong, but getting it out to plug another one in involves removing the heatsink off the CPU (which pulls the CPU out) and taking the CD ROM and preferably the Hard Drive out as well. Very fiddly, and I'm worried I damaged the CPU when I got the heatsink out and then plugged it all back in again.

I have my old PC, which seems to have become a doorstop when I moved, but I'm going to try resurrecting it over the weekend so I can do my work on it, although it might be slower than doing it on my laptop. Still, cross that bridge if I can get the thing running again.

Hmm, joy. And I still haven't sorted out my tax return. Hmm, deep joy.
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