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phpBB on Max OS X

I have some PHP coding to do for a client, specifically a load of changes to a phpBB forum I've all ready done a load of changes to, and Matt has done a new look for.

As my main PC is broken at the moment, I've managed to resurrect my old PC, a 400Mhz K6-2 built from an amalgamation of cheap (and now old) and cannibalised parts. I thought it had become a doorstop in my last move, but either swapping the video card (and then swapping it back) or taking the memory out and putting it back in has fixed whatever loose connection was wrong and it's back on it's feet again. Unfortunately, I can't get Apache to install on it properly, it keeps failing to install it as a service. Having got frustrated with trying, I've gone back to trying to do the work on my Mac, which is faster than the PC anyway and only suffers from having a smaller screen.

So, I downloaded a fresh copy of the phpBB forum software, and following the instructions from David O'Donnell for installing phpBB on OS X server with a couple of changes to match my system, and it installed very simply in a few minutes. It's easy to see why phpBB is extremely popular across the web: it's very easy to set up, and there is lots of help for changing it in the forums on phpBB's website.

It looks like the work will go ahead on my Mac. Hopefully it will keep going as easily as it has so far.

Fat chance!
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